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Beef Mince 3Kg Lot

STD Unit:    3kg lots

Sale price    $43.50

  • 3kg lots  -  $43.50    
Beef Mince 3Kg Lot

Sample recipe for this meat:

Roast Beef with Horseradish & Mustard
Can you ever go past a great roast? This roast beef recipe will warm the hearts of anyone you have for dinner be it family or guests.
Cumin Lamb Steaks with Tomato, Cucumber and Goats Feta
Yummy Lamb Salad
Pork Loin Steak with Roasted Beetroot & Spinach
A family winner, with a fresh combination of flavours
Jewish Mothers’ Chicken Soup
Chicken soup made from fresh organic ingredients could not get any better than this recipe with fresh vegetables and egg noodles to round it out. Of course, this recipe is fantastic if you are coming down with a cold or flu and is lovely served with fresh buttered bread or toast.
Bluefish Baked with Bacon
Bluefish is a fatty, fine-textured fish, ranging from white to silver in colour. Remove the dark, Strong Tasting strip that runs down its centre before cooking to avoid a fishy taste.

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